Iqrari Features
Iqrari system provides excellent electronic tax services that make the process of filling in your tax returns very easy, accurate and fast.
New Tax Returns Experience
We help you prepare and complete your tax return smoothly through our intelligent and interactive system, which is based on a question-and-answer format and guided steps to prepare your tax return.
We assist you in gathering all your tax and personal information, as well as all the data you need to prepare and complete your tax return.
You answer and we take care of the rest
Through our smart and interactive system, you can properly complete your tax return by filling out a set of easy and direct items. Step by step, the system will guide you to ensure the best result for your tax situation.
Promote recognition of attachments
We inform you of all the required attachments at every step, and you only have to upload a picture of each facility electronically and by using any device (computer or mobile phone) to finally prepare for you an integrated file containing your tax return and the required attachments.
Accuracy of advice and calculation
We guarantee the accuracy of calculating your tax 100% and its compatibility with any developments in the income tax law. Iqrari system is an intelligent system that performs immediate checks and checks and is designed to deal with various tax cases.
You can pay your tax due on you by applying any of your bills, except for finding the tax department and entering your tax number and the value to be paid from your due tax.
Do you have a company and want to help you your employees?
The corporate Iqrari system helps to manage the requirements of their tax employees with ease and know their tax conditions periodically, in a way that contributes to reducing any financial and legal burdens that may entail.
Employees Management
Iqrari system helps you to identify taxable employees automatically and to track employee status online and in advance.
Automate Employee Tax Requirements
Iqrari system enables companies to meet the tax requirements of their employees through a set of exclusive and smart services and benefits that summarize many procedures electronically.